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Identification in the ground of the program of socio-economic development in the Rural Area of Camoapa, Nicaragua
Organism which entrusts the evaluation:
Sant Just Solidari
Period of implementation of the programme:
January – December 2013
Total value:
Executing institution:
Sant Just Solidari and Associació de Desenvolupament Municipal (ADM)
Authoresses of the report:
Núria Camps, Estela Garcia and Anastàsia Gasó
Type of order and date:
Identification done between June and August 2012
Social and economic development


There is a twinning between Camoapa (Nicaragua) and Sant Just Desvern councils since 1991, which represents more than 15 years of shared work. Development projects have been conducted and have been launched bonds of brotherhood between the respective high schools, parishes and cities two radio transmitters.

The Association "Sant Just Solidari" (SJS) was founded in 1995 to promote cooperation projects and actions generated by the twinning with the municipality of Camoapa. In Nicaragua, the "Committee of twinning Municipal of Camoapa" (ASODHERMU) was created, which represents the local counterpart that manages and tracks the projects that receive funding of SJS.

After more than 15 years of cooperation projects to the development with the twin city of Camoapa, SJS is proposed to focus all the efforts of the coming years in actions of socio-economic development.

Within the framework of this new line of work, it was decided to start a development project with the dairy cooperatives of Camoapa. In 2011 AVALUEM was asked to make an identification in the ground that included the development of a map of actors in the area, identify potential counterparts of SJS and design a general proposal for a programme of socio-economic development in a participatory manner with the main actors related to the agricultural sector, the main engine of development at Camoapa.

As a result of this work, it is generated a systematization document of the participatory workshop of identification, as well as a final report of identification with the initial general proposal for a multiannual programme of 3 years.

Later, and with the aim of adapting the programme in the context of existing cooperation, SJS decides to adapt the program to the possibilities of its own resources. In 2012 AVALUEM was asked to join with SJS in the ground to adapt the activities programmed in a 1 year, but maintaining the general target of the action and, at the same time, the local actors participants.

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