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Revitalization and participative making the governing Plan of Cooperation of Mataró
Organism who entrusts:
Town Hall of Mataró
Period of the technical assistance:
January – June 2013
Implied personnel:
Núria Camps and David Fitó
Type of order:
Planning and evaluations of Public Policies

The public policy of cooperation for development and solidarity in Mataró has a trajectory of 25 years and the Governing Plan of Cooperation of 2006 has helped to strengthen it. The municipality has a Town council of Cooperation and International solidarity from 1996.

From the initial analysis of the Governing Plan 2006, of the current context and of the main challenges of future, we realized a participative process to define a new Governing Plan of Cooperation 2013-16.

AVALUEM takes charge of the planning, revitalization and accompaniment in the participative making of the new Plan the Director Local of Cooperation 2013-16

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