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AVALUEM arose from the need to channel processes of evaluation and systematisation of decentralized cooperation and to work for its transparency and professional quality.

In the last 20 years, decentralized cooperation has experienced strong growth and we believe that with the first stage of growth focused on action already exhausted, we must now move forward to a second stage focused on reflection and specialization which prioritizes efforts in the evaluation and the practical application of learned lessons, taking on the challenge to evaluate in order to evolve.

It is for this reason that as a team of professionals from the sector of international cooperation with broad experience, we want to apply our theoretical and practical knowledge in order to offer an Advisory Service and Independent External Consultancy: AVALUEM.

At AVALUEM we offer services such as evaluation of development programs, impact assessments, systematisations and social audits. These tools are essential in analysing and promoting a critical debate in the sector in order to foster improvements in the quality of decentralized cooperation through local strategic planning.

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