Back Principles

The work of AVALUEM is inspired by:

  • Our ethical commitment not only to the countries in the South, but also to the rest of the world. In a world as interdependent as ours, the problems of world governance affect every country.
  • The revision of the process of international cooperation and the promotion of new initiatives of solidarity. Official development aid should be directed towards the eradication of hunger and assuaging the negative effects of globalization (increasing social exclusion, migration, etc.). Alternative options can be analysed to reduce the imbalances in the world.
  • The promotion of socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable development everywhere. Thus, we work with the stakeholders in every stage of our tasks and we believe that the citizen’s participation is a key reference for our work.
  • The promotion of a debate about the management of global public goods. At this stage of globalization, violations of international public rights (non-compliance with the Kyoto Agreement, tax havens…) undermine global public rights. A world with an increasing imbalance of rights becomes unmanageable and, for that matter, we must first open a dialogue on the mechanisms of managing global public goods if we really want to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

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