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To improve the quality of actions of cooperation, we seek to understand what has worked in the past, why and how it has worked and find out the short-comings, in order to draw lessons from past experiences.

To train facilitators and not supervisors, we intend to understand the complexity that surrounds any cooperation project. To make evaluations operative in the field, we are interested in drawing on lessons from experience for the improvement of the projects

To promote education and training of the stakeholders participating in the processes of cooperation for development, our training courses are designed to provide people, who participate in decentralized cooperation, with fundamental tools for an effective management of projects, plans and programmes.

To facilitate and guide the stakeholders’ initiatives in promoting cooperation and development, we apply lessons learned from experiences to the strategic planning of projects and programmes, the identification and formulation of projects and offer advice on local calls for proposals, thus facilitating the good use of experiences.

To involve the stakeholders, we prepare the terms of reference of the evaluation, deliver restitution and validate workshops during the participatory evaluation together with them. This way, they take part in the application of the multi-sectoral and cross-sectional methodology.

To move the fieldwork closer to the countries in the North by developing written and audio-visual pedagogical tools for dissemination, which can later form part of awareness campaigns.

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