At AVALUEM we are conscious of the fact that no two projects are the same and neither is the way they are evaluated. It is for this reason that we propose a flexible and dynamic methodology in our work. The objective is to contribute to improving the quality of cooperation using participatory processes of reflection and analyses. The following are our working principles:

  • The unique identity of each process. No two projects are the same and neither are the ways of evaluating them. AVALUEM adapts the methodology to each project or programme in accordance with the context, challenges, needs, objectives, activities and resources.
  • Dialoguing within the process. It is a key element in all the stages of an evaluation, systematisation or formulation. From decision making to evaluation, systematisation or formulation stages; in the preparation of terms of reference; when the team is employed, in the preparation of working plan, in carrying out the evaluations, in writing the report and its presentation.
  • Common reflections from the stakeholders. Our working culture ensures active participation of all the stakeholders in the systematisation and evaluation process, from planning and developing the terms of reference up to the realization of end-of-project meeting.
  • A planned and methodological approach. The methodology is chosen according to the needs of the projects or plans: participatory evaluations, rural participatory assessment, framework for the analysis of institutional development, or systematisation of experiences and of knowledge management and indigenous communication, among others.
  • Making good use of combined experiences in order to draw on lessons learned. We start with our own experience taking into account the experience of the institutions and organizations with which we work.
  • Being facilitators and not supervisors. It is possible to criticise constructively while at the same time offer quality services operating outside academic formalism and away from the sector of cooperation and the realities of the South.
  • Improving logical intervention. [+]
  • Transversal axes of Analysis. The Quality Compas. [+]

Our results are presented in reports, studies and in end-of-project on-site meetings with the aim of providing elements for reflection and self-learning by organizations and institutions. Our work will be successful if it contributes to a feed back for new actions and lessons learned.

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