Back Collection of Good Practices of Catalan Cooperation

Good Practices is a collection of AVALUEM, anàlisi i desenvolupament with the support of Catalan Agency of Cooperation to the Development (Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation). The collection contains the summary of the main activities carried out under projects evaluated positively by AVALUEM. It shows the key elements which are considered essential, relevant and innovative and of social, economic and cultural interests.

The whole collection is also a tool of reflection and critical analysis which helps to contribute to the improvement of the quality of Catalan cooperation.

The collection of Good Practices contains the following volumes:

Good Practices 12


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Good Practices 11


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Good Practices 10

Rural Farming Institute “Tres de Marzo, Ternura de los Pueblos” San Bartolo, Quilaló, Nicaragua

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Good Practices 9

Child Advocacy Council in Cambrils: we decide solidarity!

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Good Practices 8

Final Evaluation of the programme “Alliance for the development of Bolívar” (Ecuador)

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Good Practices 6

Activities undertaken by the Catalan movement for peace and human rights in Colombia

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Good Practices 5

Twinning of San Miguelito (Nicaragua) with Sant Boi de Llobregat (Catalonia)

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Good Practices 4

American Joint Trades Union Congress (Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and El Salvador)

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Good Practices 3

UALE Project for AIDS prevention in Escuintla (Guatemala)

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Good Practices 2

Economic and social development in rural communities, Indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian, in the province of Sucumbios (Ecuador)

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Good Practices 1

Construction of a well for the supply of potable water in Bouanzé (Mauritania)

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